Infinite Wilderness

Bald Butte Lookout

Bald Butte Lookout at sunset.

Near Paisley, Oregon • July 2005

Wizard Island and Crater Lake

Snow-covered Wizard Island and Crater Lake.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon • May 2003

Willow Creek Hot Spring

Soaking pools at Willow Creek Hot Spring.

aka Whitehorse Hot Spring
Near Fields, Oregon • June 2014

The Fremont Diner Counter

Baby doll head in a vice with a bottle of wine at The Fremont Diner.

Sonoma, California • August 2014

White Mountains

Snowcapped White Mountains in early summer.

Near Benton, California • June 2015

California Drought 2015

Extreme drought, low water level, ski goggles and cracked earth at New Melones Lake in 2015.

New Melones Lake, California • June 2015

Benton Hot Springs Tub 9

Soaking tub with a view at Benton Hot Springs.

Benton, California • June 2015

Candystripe Spider on Oxeye Daisy

Macro photo of a white spider on a white daisy.

Enoplognatha ovata on Leucanthemum vulgare
Sauvie Island, Oregon • June 2014

Blue Sow Bug

Macro photo of a blue sow bug on a green leaf.

Near Geyserville, California • May 2010

Annadel State Park

Fog, trees and a friend at Annadel State Park.

Santa Rosa, California • January 2011

Tomales Point Trail

Hiking to the end of the Tomales Point Trail.

Point Reyes National Seashore, California • January 2011

Hardy Ice Plant

Macro photos of perennial ground cover with bright pink flowers.

Delosperma cooperi
Petaluma, California • April 2013

Round Valley Fog

Round Valley filled with fog.

Round Valley, California • November 2011

North Pass Fire

Pyrocumulus cloud, fire trucks and the North Pass Fire.

Round Valley, California • August 2012

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